Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Ministry To the Street

This has been a very difficult year, probably the most we have ever seen.  The homeless population is increasing by quite a bit, but the homeless have been scattered all over the area.  They are not welcome downtown.  So to minister to them, we have to go to several areas of the city and the towns in the Burlington area.

Since Christmas, we have handed out over $8000.00 worth of McDonald's, Brueggers and Dunkin Donuts gift cards.  So many of the folks we met this year are new, most came from other areas of the country and all very young, the average age about 18-25.  Quite a few have been open to the gospel, but so many more have been hurt by organized religion they just don't trust us or our motives.  This will take time.

It is sad to see so many young people who do not believe there is any hope for them.  They see all of the problems not only with our own country but what is happening in the rest of the world, they just have no hope for a better future. So many have just given up.

I want to thank all of you who have supported us this year with financial support and gift cards.  Without these gift cards, it would be much harder to reach out to this population.  Please keep us in prayer, we need God's grace and wisdom to minister in these times.

Winter is coming, and will be here faster than we would like.  We are in that transition even now, quite a few we ministered to have already left the state for warmer climate.  We pray the seeds of the Gospel we sowed will take root and grow.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hard Winter For the Homeless

This has been one of the worst and coldest winters ever here in Vermont.  It has hit the homeless very hard, confining many to their camps, causing others to flee south.  We have given out over $8,000.00 worth of McDonald's and Duncan Donuts gift cards of $10 each which has allowed the homeless to get warm and have a meal.

Thank you so much to The Crestview Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina and The Jericho Congregational Church in Jericho Vermont, and The Baptist Fellowship in Randolph, Vermont for helping us get through this horrible weather.  Your support helped many.

We are praying that Spring is coming early and we look forward to what God will do in 2015!

Your Missionary To The Streets,

David Russell

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter On the Street

Don a believer but also homeless living on the street for many years.
This is the time of the year that we are the most concerned.  This year, about 500 of the homeless will stay over and sleep outside this winter.  Many of them are good at surviving, have a lot of skills at camping even in the cold, but there are those who don't and have never done so.

This time of the year, we also come into contact with many low income families who struggle to put food on the table when the price of heat rises, many suffer depression as the Holidays approach because they know their children will not understand why they won't have much if anything for Christmas.

Every year, Burlington Street Ministries with the help of many local churches and Crestview Baptist Church in Canton NC help us with $10.00 McDonald's gift cards that are so much a blessing for the folks who receive them.  A homeless person can go into McDonald's, sit down and have a meal that he chooses and orders from the menu.  Can you imagine what that is like for someone who is homeless?  For a low income family, it can mean that they can buy a breakfast on their way to work.  A mother can take her children out for a treat, and many times we have been told that that was the only meal they had for the day.

We are asking for your help again this year, If you can donate either funds or McDonald's gift cards, $10 denomination, this will be a blessing for so many.  You can either click the donation button on the right, or send them to:

Burlington Street Ministries
112 Northgate Road
Burlington, VT 05408

Thank you all for your support over the past year, You are making a difference.  Faith is strong and growing among the homeless.

Your missionary to the streets,

David Russell

Monday, September 01, 2014

Summer, 2014

This summer has been one of the most difficult in quite some time.  Because the homeless have been driven from downtown, they have scattered all over the city so we have to find them.  Because of this, less time is spent on Church Street and City Hall Park which have been our primary site of ministry for 40 years.

We have given out over 600 Bruegger Bagel Gift Cards and well over 400 McDonald's gift cards.  We have feed quite a few people.

We have also encountered many other religious groups out sharing their faith with other, some we have not seen up here in man years.  The Jehovah Witnesses have had a presence on Church Street every Friday as well as the Hare Kristnas, Two different Buddhist groups, even the Moonies.  none of these groups are targeting the homeless.

We are winding down our outdoor ministry, in a few weeks, moving indoors.  A lot of the homeless we minister to will be heading out of town for warmer climate we will see who stays around.

Please pray for us as we come into cold weather and Christmas, which we see overwhelming need, and can be a very sad time for so many.  Our mission is to brighten up this time of the year for those who seek our help.

Thank you all for your support this year, as I always say, we could not do this without your support.  

Your Missionary to the streets,


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ministry Report for January - March


This has been a very tough winter.  First was the ice storm, then extreme cold, then warming, then back to extreme cold again, then lots of snow.  If that wasn't enough, we are into out second week of a city wide bus strike.  With all of this, getting around at all is very difficult.  Ministry has been severely hindered.

One of the bright spots has been our ability to give out McDonald's and Bruegger bagel gift cards which was vital to get food to those who could not get out because of the weather and bus strike.  We have just about depleted our supply.  I want to give special thanks to the Crestview Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina.  Crestview has been providing gift cards for us for many years, and so many times the only card we have is what they provide monthly.  If it was not for them, we would not been able to help as many people as we do.

Spring is coming and we do look forward to spending more time on the street, but this is Vermont and spring time here usually comes in late May!  Please pray that this bus strikes ends soon, and that warmer weather will also come soon to relieve the suffering of many.

Your missionary to the Streets,


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Christmas - January

Thomas reaching out.  Pen and ink drawing by David A Russell
This has been a very cold year, which has made it very hard for those who call the street home.

 We would like to thank Jericho Congregational Church and the Baptist convention of New England for helping us this year with McDonald's and Bruegger gift cards, we were able to give out just over 2,000 $5 gift cards.

These cards helped so many to be able to get warm during the ice storm and those very cold below zero days.

We also gave out 400 pairs of new socks, and 730 bags of groceries.  We also gave out 190 Bibles.

We were able to make contact with some new homeless folks living in the woods surrounding the city, but ministry this winter was made very difficult because of the weather.  We are praying and looking to spring, and Thanking God that we were able to do what we did this winter.

We covet your prayers.
Your missionary to the streets,

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hard winter for many this year.

This is where Marshal slept most of the summer.
This has been a good summer for us, we had the privilege of seeing 22 of the homeless folk come to Christ and help us in our evangelization efforts on the street.  We are sadden to see most of them leave for warmer weather and work over the winter by heading south.

We continue to give out a lot of food, and a lot of McDonald's Gift Cards, and Bruegger Bagel cards however we are all out of both.  We are in desperate need for some, if any  would like to contribute these $5.00 cards to us, it would be very helpful.  So many have been cut in their food stamps and the cost of food rising and heating their house will be a burden on many.

I am very concerned, and pray we can make connections this winter and meet those in need, and help where we can.

Your missionary to the Streets,

Dave Russell